Our Trip to Cadiz

We are stationed across the bay from one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Spain - and in all of Europe too, for that matter: Cadiz (pronounced Ca-deeth). As you drive closer to the center of this large city, you begin catching glimpses of the ancient city wall...

Having learned our lesson in Arcos de la Frontera, our first order of business when we got near the historic district was to find a parking garage. We then walked along the water towards the Cadiz Cathedral, which is the large dome you can see behind us. 

The scarf was my attempt to look "European." Of course, my big honkin' camera bag classified me as a tourist anyway.... as well as every time I opened my mouth when someone addressed me in Spanish. But anyway. 

Everyone dresses up here. Unlike in east Tennessee, where it is only mildly socially unacceptable to be found at the grocery store in your pajamas and hair curlers, people look nice here whenever they're out in public. Even when they're going to the Spanish version of "the Walmart" (Carrefour), the Spanish are dressed to kill. So naturally, I fit right in.

The Cathedral was impressive, both inside and out... 

One of the neatest areas was down in the crypt... this room was like an echo chamber.


Back up into daylight...

Unfortunately, the plaster work in this cathedral is deteriorating,  so they had nets stretched across the ceiling to catch any crumbling bits...

...which was all very well for the tourists who avoided getting clunked on the head, but not so great for this bat, who had the misfortune to get stuck on the wrong side of the net and so met his untimely demise. (See the skeleton below?)

Farewell, cruel world! 

This was another old church right next to the Cathedral, and I have forgotten the name of it at present. I'm showing you this picture because, while the buildings here are very "European" looking, the palm trees, ocean, balmy wind, and flowers give it all a tropical feel, and it's an unusual but lovely combination.

After admiring the Cathedral, we meandered through the narrow streets, taking in the sights...

...and tastes....

...and smells.

The flowers and orange trees smelled lovely.... the strange outdoor meat market, not so much. Each of the stalls you see below contained different vendors, each selling different types of meat, fish, produce, eggs, pastries, or some other local offering. The strange part was that some of the butchers would take their unwanted scraps of meat and fish and just throw them out on the sidewalk, right where everyone was walking. The people on the left are having drinks and tapas from a little outdoor restaurant.

One of my favorite things about Spain, so far, are the orange and lemon trees you find growing just about everywhere. They smell similar to honeysuckle or jasmine, but the fragrance is stronger. Many of the streets here are lined with the trees, and you can smell the blossoms as you walk around. It's great.

Especially after you've walked through a meat market.

So overall, it was another successful day trip...

...and after witnessing some "creative European parking," we were very glad to collect our car from the safety of the parking garage and head home!


  1. Girl!!!!!! I'm excited for you! I am loving living in the UK. We are looking to plan our next trip...thinking this place may be the ticket. Your post was, as usual, hysterical!
    Havent been blogging at all lately, Im going to read through yours now and catch up...
    enjoy your time overseas. We just found out this stay is going to be longer than 1 year...maybe longer than 2..God bless you!!!! (ignore my spelling)

    1. Thanks, Diane! We are really enjoying it so far. Spain is a beautiful country, and there are so many amazing things to see here. You should really visit here if you get a chance! (Look us up if you come to this area.)

      So what are you doing in the UK? That's exciting - what fun to get to live there for a time... You should start blogging again - I'd love to see/hear about your experience there.

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment! God bless...

  2. Thanks for being so generous with your photos. Truly lovely place, I like that your day trips are off the beaten path and you can show us some of the real life vignettes of the place. The color palette of Spain is inspiring, I can hardly wait to see what percolates within you. God protect you and bless you both in this wonderful adventure. Hugs from Montreal- Vaya con Dios hermana :)

    1. You're welcome - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. :o) Spain is really beautiful - definitely a lot of artistic inspiration here. I'm looking forward to painting again soon. Thank you so much! God bless!


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