Q: Do you do commissions?
A: Yes, I am happy to do custom paintings, collages, murals, decorative items and furniture, faux finishes, needle-felted sculptures, and even custom jewelry featuring your photos or my original work. Please contact me for more information.

Q: Can you give me an estimate for a mural or commission over the phone or via e-mail?
A: I would prefer not to. There are so many variables in creating a custom mural or piece of art, and I need to meet with you and see your space in person in order to make sure I understand exactly what you want. If you do not live nearby (and want to fly me somewhere exotic!), then I will need to see photos, wall dimensions, and discuss your project over the phone.

Q: Can you make a custom needle-felted portrait of my pet?
A: Yes! I would love to "capture" your favorite furry friend in a felted sculpture. Just send me your photos, and I will create a mini version of your best buddy! Check my Etsy shop for the ordering link.

Q: Do you do outdoor murals?
A: I am not currently doing exterior murals. Because of the exposure to the elements, they require a completely different set of equipment and supplies, which I am not currently keeping on hand. I am booking interior murals, however. Please visit the "Shopping and Services" page for more info.

Q: I wanted to order something from you but couldn't find it in your shop. What do I do?
A: If you can't find what you're looking for, then e-mail me. Sometimes listings "disappear" temporarily from my Etsy shop. Just let me know what you need, and I'll get it loaded in the shop for you!

Q: Do you offer art classes for my kids?
A: Although I have done art classes for home school groups and individuals in the past and may again in the future, I am currently taking a break from formal teaching. However, I would be happy to share some great resources for you to use at home with your kids, and be sure to check out the tutorials in my sidebar!

Have another question that wasn't covered here? E-mail me!