This ol' guitar....

...came to me as just a plain, regular, ol' starter guitar.

Its owner had moved on to a bigger, better guitar, but wanted to hang onto this as a keepsake....

I sent it back to her as a piece of wall art - with a musical theme, of course! Now it will hang on the wall in her newly-decorated bedroom and blend in with the rest of her black, white, and plum-colored decor....

(Incidentally, this is not her new bedroom. This is a bookshelf in my living room.
Oh, hey, look - there I am getting married in the background. :o))

The owner asked me to do a black, cream, and plum themed-collage that included that Scripture, houndstooth, the musical "hearts" and Ichthys, piano, and sheet music... this is what I came up with...

If you're wondering about how I did this, it's a combination of decoupaged papers, acrylic paints, and watercolors.... top-coated with Mod Podge (love that stuff).
(Please note: this guitar is a child's starter guitar that is no longer used -
I do not recommend doing this to any instrument for which you paid a lot of money or that you play on a regular basis.)

Do you have a special keepsake, piece of furniture, or home accessory that could use a little sprucing up?
This was a commissioned piece, and I'd be happy to do one for you too!
Please e-mail me for more information!



Well, almost....

The painting part is done. Tonight I'm going back to add the final clear protective coat to all of the murals.... So, here's a little summary of all of the completed murals from this project for you.... enjoy!

It's hard to get a good picture of this one, because it's down two different hallways -
not much room to back up to photograph.
So here are a few details...

And then, the others...

And that concludes the little tour, and the big project!

Hope you're having a lovely week!


Blog Recommendation

Just dropping in to recommend a new blog to y'all. (Yep, I'm from the South, and that's how we roll.)

My good friend and amazing watercolor artist Ginny Wall just started a blog featuring her work (which is beautiful!). She's new to the blogging world, but I'm really excited to see what she's got in store for us....

(This is one of my favorites... isn't it beautiful?)

I met Ginny when I discovered her tent at a local art/craft festival, and we've been friends ever since. She introduced me to the wonderful world of watercolors - I took my very first class from her (a great teacher!), and then kept going back for more! She's become a good friend, and one of my favorite sources for artistic inspiration.

So, hop on over to her blog, check it out, and make sure you become a follower! I'm definitely looking forward not only to her beautiful work, but also to hearing what she has to say. She's a very wise lady....

Hope you're having a lovely day!