The List that Never Ends: # 531-540

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought;
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." 
- G. K. Chesterton

Thanking God today....

# 531. ... for getting a LOT accomplished over the last three weeks... (packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, spring cleaning, getting my life back in order.... ahhh....)

# 532. ... for being back in Tennessee (in my own home with my own stuff)... my favorite place in the world.
# 533. ... for getting to take this guy to HIS favorite place again every day - the field behind our house.
# 534. ... for a fun and relaxing weekend at the lake with my parents, my brother, his kids, and my dog who loves to fish.
# 535. ... for a lunch invitation and beautiful flowers from a friend I haven't seen much lately.

# 536. ... that we're able to be involved in our home Bible study groups and church again after being gone for 2 1/2 months.

# 537. ... for the spring blossoms popping out everywhere. Gorgeous.

# 538. ... for some remarkably warm and glorious weather... in MARCH!

# 539. ... for the hymn, "It Is Well," and getting to sing it yesterday...

# 540. ... for the fact that no matter what happens, I CAN say "it is well with my soul."

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you getting your green on today? 

 I didn't have a chance to decorate this year since we're in the midst of moving and unpacking, so I decided to pull out a few pictures of my St. Paddy's Day decor from last year...

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


The List that Never Ends: # 521-530

Thanking God today... 

# 521. ... for some beautiful days that allowed for open windows and fresh air. 

# 522. ... for the consolation of dogs when you're having a bad day.

# 523. ... for the opportunity to revisit a fun part our honeymoon - eating at a tavern in Colonial Williamsburg with Josh. 

# 524. ... that it's almost time to go home! 

# 525. ... that some problems got straightened out. 

# 526. ... for family, friends, and total strangers who have faithfully supported me and my artwork and business.

# 527. ... for friendships free from drama and jealousy... few and far between, but very nice when you find them. 

# 528. ... for John 8:32 - "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - Amen to that. 

# 529. ... for the delightful combination of mint and chocolate anything... Why are the thin mints always gone?

# 530. ... for opportunities for spiritual growth.


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Quotables: Albert Einstein

"The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind." 

- Albert Einstein


The List that Never Ends: # 511-520

Well, two weeks in a row - this is some kind of record for me, I'm sure... :o) Today I'm back to add to that never-ending list of things for which I am and should be thankful... So here we go.

Today, I am thanking God... 

# 511. ... that no one was hurt when a huge pine tree fell on my parents' house this morning, and that the damage to the house wasn't as bad as it could have been...

# 512. ... that God protected all of my friends and family during the recent storms/tornado warnings/crazy weather.

This is the tornado that hit our town around this time last year... 
# 513. ... that I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel for this combination of bronchitis, allergies, and a nasty sinus infection that I've been fighting for the last month. 

# 514. ... (once again) for antibiotics for said sinus infection, allergy meds, cough drops, Vicks, my neti pot, pain killers, mint tea, and DayQuil for all of my sinus issues, and for the TN Farmgirl's Aches Away Salve and a heating pad for the muscles I pulled in my chest and back from sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose so much. TMI, I know, but I'm thankful for them. I'll spare you a photo of me with sinus issues though...

# 515. ... for some exciting developments in the lives of some friends.

# 516. ... for Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's - quite possibly the only thing I've ever liked from there (other than the obligatory Happy Meals that I liked when I was 6).... oh, so tasty, if not quite so good for you...

# 517. ... for the way God's timing works things out so that I hear exactly what I need to hear at the right time, and situations unfold exactly when they need to unfold, etc.

# 518. ... that we will be heading back to Tennessee for good (at least until next year) in less than two weeks!

Ahh, I've missed those mountains... 
# 519. ... for Keurig-brewed coffee in the morning. I am now a coffee person.

# 520. ... that no matter how discouraged I feel when I see evil all around me - corruption in politics, natural disasters, wars, sin, death, disease, famines, abuse, oppression, broken families and relationships, injustice, trash on TV, degradation of public morality, etc. - that God is good, He's in control, and He will make it all right one day.... and boy howdy, I'm looking forward to that...

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