The Adventure Begins...

Happy 2015! 

We are charting new territory over here - our first baby arrived over the Thanksgiving break, and it's been an amazing (and exhausting!) few weeks. We are totally in love though - and who wouldn't be with a face like that? 

Needless to say, my creative endeavors have been on hiatus lately. I did manage to squeeze a few projects in during the last few weeks of my pregnancy (since I was vegging on the couch most of the time), so I'll be sharing those with you in some upcoming posts. I may also throw in a couple of baby-themed posts (since that's my life these days) - we'll see. 

This set was one of my last projects before our little explorer arrived, and it's definitely one of my favorite things I've made for him. He looks SO cute in it! The patterns were really quick and easy too, which was nice. I'll include the pattern links below - you'll need to have a (free) Ravelry account and be logged in to access them.

Hat - Crochet Aviator Hat by Sarah Zimmerman (I was using up yarn in my stash, so my white yarn isn't as thick as the yarn called for in the pattern.)

Jacket - Cute as a Bunny Set by Lion Brand Yarn (I modified the jacket pattern by adding pockets and top-stitching, as well as the aviator patch.)

Both patterns are available free from Ravelry.