And it continues...

More "in progress" pics for you...

After Day 3 of work on this particular mural:

(Have you figured it out yet?)

After Day 4:

After Day 5:

Almost there - just some small details to finish up.... namely, the barn, animals, and a few little touch ups here and there.... So, stay tuned. Should be finished next week!



Work in Progress...

Well, it's far from being finished, but I thought I'd show you the mural I'm working on this week....

This is after Day 1:

And this is after Day 2:

Now that I'm finished with the "background," I get to start working on the "fun" part -
 all the little details, which I'll start tonight!

So stay tuned - more pictures coming soon....
(Any guesses on what critters are going on this wall?)
Hope you're having a blessed week!


What a Pig!

The mural project continues...

This was the last of the smaller murals I'm doing in this office. Today, I will be starting on the larger one.
 I will post "in progress" pics this week as I work on it. Stay tuned!
Happy Monday!



It's a Major Award!

I was so excited to go to my mailbox today and discover that the prize I won from Christine Pym's blog giveaway had arrived!

I won two beautiful little original pieces (the birdies), and two postcards featuring her work (the kites and the man with the beard). And the packaging was just as cute!

Thank you, Christine! I love everything! 
These pieces will be finding a special home in my studio - great inspiration!

Please stop by Christine's blog and check out her amazing work!



Mural Update

You've seen the sheep..... they're still there.

You've seen the cow - now he's finished.... (what is that thing in the tree???)

What's next?

A horse, of course!

And my favorite part?

...the bird's nest...

...and the little details that the kids like to look for, like bugs...
Hope you're having a lovely week.... :o)


Work in Progress...

Well, this is the mural that I showed you last time - just about finished now. I think I'm still going to go back and add some insects to the grass below, then I have to paint a clear protective top coat over the whole thing.... but it's basically finished. The equipment you see at the bottom are scales - this is in a pediatrics office.

I'm currently working on this one - it's not finished yet. Still needs some details added and touch ups here and there. So, don't worry, the cow isn't going to have those spooky, empty eyes. And neither is the spooky thing in the tree. Actually, it's supposed to be an owl.

I've only completed the backgrounds on these two. The one with the yellow field will feature pigs, the one with the purple mountains will feature a horse. Coming soon....

And some close ups of the sheep....

Hope you're having a lovely weekend....




(That's the sound of my new blog header.... what do you think? Actually, it's the sound my father-in-law and nephews make when they flip each other in the back of the head, but I like it anyway. :o))

I've been working on a mural project all week, but unfortunately, I've forgotten to take pictures the last two nights after working (hey, it was nearly midnight and my eyes were beginning to cross- that's my excuse). So, alas, you will have to make do with this one measly picture that I took after the first day of painting.

Work in Progress

Can you guess what it's going to be? I suppose you probably can - it's not rocket surgery. ;o) It still has a ways to go according to this picture, but in reality it's already finished - pictures coming soon.

The above mural is part of a series I'm doing in the same office building in which I did the mural below a couple of years ago.

It's a fun project, and it's nice to be painting again... So stay tuned, I'll have more pictures coming soon!