And it continues...

More "in progress" pics for you...

After Day 3 of work on this particular mural:

(Have you figured it out yet?)

After Day 4:

After Day 5:

Almost there - just some small details to finish up.... namely, the barn, animals, and a few little touch ups here and there.... So, stay tuned. Should be finished next week!



  1. Baaaaaaa!

    No black sheep, but a black horse. He looks surprised to have visitors. :o)

    I love it. It would be nice mural for a bedroom, so someone could count sheep to fall asleep.


  2. Love IT!!! Awesome work:O) Sure to bring smiles to everyone who see's it:O)

  3. great. great. great. Wonderful. Josh

  4. Thank you, Sweet Anonymous Josh. :o) Love you.


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