Mural Update

You've seen the sheep..... they're still there.

You've seen the cow - now he's finished.... (what is that thing in the tree???)

What's next?

A horse, of course!

And my favorite part?

...the bird's nest...

...and the little details that the kids like to look for, like bugs...
Hope you're having a lovely week.... :o)

1 comment:

  1. Love the mural, how it is coming along, the horse is my fav:O) Thanx for stopping by and commenting, my dog is not neutered, and we have often thought about that being the reason he is soo fiesty, I dont know if we ever will but lately he has just started to own my house:O)Kids are home from school has upset his schedule. Thanx again:O) Have a great day:O) Isabel


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