Work in Progress...

Well, it's far from being finished, but I thought I'd show you the mural I'm working on this week....

This is after Day 1:

And this is after Day 2:

Now that I'm finished with the "background," I get to start working on the "fun" part -
 all the little details, which I'll start tonight!

So stay tuned - more pictures coming soon....
(Any guesses on what critters are going on this wall?)
Hope you're having a blessed week!


  1. Deer? Sheep? Turkeys?!? :-) So, do you draw out what you want to paint on first or is it totally freehand? Whatever the case, I'm impressed...as always! :-)

  2. Hmm.... you may be on the right track with part of that answer, but you'll have to wait to see! As far as my process, I start with a sketch, then use chalk to sketch basic outlines on the wall (no details at first, since the background would just cover them up). Once the background is up, I use chalk to sketch out the animals and trees and such.... Sometimes I just freehand it, but on most of the major elements, I do a chalk outline to start with.

  3. Looks like a picket fence in the foreground, so yard critters? Chickens?

    Looking forward to seeing it! :o)


  4. I am really enjoying watching these murals come together and I am sure the office staff is loving it to. I only wish I could draw.

  5. Thanks, Faith and Beverly! Stay tuned - you'll find out soon!


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