A blessing...

This is my latest piece:
a commission for a friend at our church.

She wanted this blessing for her dining room
and a little something else to go around it,
but she wasn't sure what.
So this is what I came up with...

I will have prints available
on my website soon
if you'd like it too.
Hope you're having a blessed week!


No feeding or flushing necessary...

Well, after my brief interlude of knitting projects, I'm back to the brushes.
My latest offering...

"Koi Pond"
Watercolor on Arches 140lb CP Watercolor Paper

I will have the original available, along with prints and greeting cards at the
show in Jonesborough, TN on October 24th, 10am-5pm.
Hope to see you there! I'll be there with my little fishies!


I have a confession to make...

.... I may have taken a little break from painting over the weekend...
Josh gave me an early birthday gift...an ipod. Yay!
And since I've been using it so much while working,
and since it kept falling out of my pocket,
I had to take a little break from my brushes
to pick up my needles and make a case for it!
This is the design I came up with...
I love "Irish fishermen sweaters," so that was my inspiration.
I made it up myself, which is exciting for me
because I have never improvised a knitting pattern before
except for easy things like scarves and such.
The body and necklace are knitted,
and I used a little crochet for the edging and loops.
The flap opens up to reveal the screen and control buttons,
and it has a little button and loop to secure the ear buds
when not in use.
There's also a button and loop
to close the flap to keep it safe.
I think I'll be getting lots more painting done now
and listening to some great podcasts, books on tape, and music!
...stay tuned...

(If you look closely in the above picture, you'll see the inspiration for my watercolor, "Abandoned Nest.")


Just got the call...

...informing me that I was juried into the
in Jonesborough, TN on October 24th!

So be sure to mark your calendar
if you'll be in the area...
and come by and see me!

I will have lots of originals
and prints, prints, prints!

Hope to see you there!

Now I just have to
paint, paint, paint!

(Incidentally, I am often asked
why I've misspelled "Great" on my inspiration board.
It's not a "G," it's a "C.")

Hope you're having a lovely week!


New Friends and Old...

"Bee Thou My Vision"
Collage - Watercolor, Acrylic Ink, and Ephemera on Arches 140lb CP Paper

I'm not too big on collage normally, but after seeing this fantastic piece,
I decided to try my hand at it... This is what I came up with!
I enjoyed the exercise, and may do some more sometime.

I had a little company in my studio this week...

And now I have to go get ready to go blueberry picking
with some good friends from church... Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Happy Labor Day!


Watercolor Wednesday

This is my latest piece, a wisteria vine,
started at the Farmer's Market and finished in my studio.
It is from a photograph I took at Jonesborough's Garden Gala earlier this year.
The original measures 5"x7" inches and is available,
along with prints, on my website.
Hope you're having a lovely week!