Quotables: Hamilton Wright Mabie

Our wills are not ours to be crushed and broken; they are
ours to be trained and strengthened. Our affections are not
ours to be blighted and crucified; they are ours to be deepened
and purified. The rich opportunities of life are not held out
to us only to be snatched away by an invisible hand patiently
waiting for the hour when the cup is sweetest; they are given
to us that we may grow, alike through their use or their
withdrawal. They are real, they are sweet, and they are worthy
of our longing for them; we gain nothing by calling them dross,
or the world an illusion, or ourselves the victims of
deception, or by exalting renunciation as the highest virtue.
When these opportunities are denied us, it is a real, not an
imaginary, loss which we sustain; and our part is not that of
bare renunciation, of simple surrender; our part is to
recognize the loss, to bear the pain, and to find a deeper and
richer life in doing the will of God.

    - Hamilton Wright Mabie
, The Life of the


The List that Never Ends: # 501-510

"All our discontents about what we want appeared to spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have." 

- Daniel Defoe

Well, the list never ends, but sometimes it gets delayed for a few weeks... I just realized I haven't done one of these posts in over a month! Fortunately, it's not due to a lack of gratitude on my part, but rather to a very busy few weeks! I usually write these posts on Monday mornings, and for the last several Mondays, I have either been babysitting, sick in bed, or busy with visits from family. So, today I'm getting back on track with some more items for my list of "one thousand gifts" from God...

Today, I am thankful....

# 501. ... for a new baby niece, Ella Rose...

# 502. ... for antibiotics, cold medicine, allergy medicine, cough syrup, pain killers, tissues with lotion, neti pots, heating pads, and Vicks Vaporub. I'm also thankful that Flonase smells like lilacs (to me, at least...). (Yes, it's been a rough few weeks around here!) 

# 503. ... for visits from family...

# 504. ... for the opportunity to get to know a few of my nieces and nephews that I haven't seen much over the last few years a little better...

# 505. ... for some beautiful, unseasonably warm weather in the middle of February.

# 506. ... for a couple days of sightseeing with my parents....

# 507. ... for a wonderful friend who also happens to be an accountant who can help me with my (pain in the neck) taxes! 

# 508. ... for a sweet husband who took care of me while I was sick. 

# 509. ... for hot mint tea and thin mints.... oh yeah. 

# 510. ... that God is so very patient with me, even when I'm a little thick-headed....

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Quotables: John Flavel

O the depth of the evil of sin! If ever you will see how
great and horrid an evil sin is, measure it in your thoughts,
either by the infinite holiness and excellency of God, who is
wrong'd by it; or by the infinite sufferings of Christ, who
died to satisfy for it; and then you will have deeper
apprehensions of the evil of sin.

    - John Flavel
, The Whole Works of the
          Reverend Mr. John Flavel, v. I


Happy Presidents' Day!

They don't make 'em like they used to...

Happy President's Day.

Prints and greeting cards of these original collages featuring quotes by two of our greatest presidents are available in my Etsy shop. 


Quotables: Lesslie Newbigin

To make the improving of our own character our central aim
is hardly the highest kind of goodness. True goodness forgets
itself and goes out to do the right thing for no other reason
than that it is right.

- Lesslie Newbigin, Christian Freedom in the
          Modern World


The Weekend Gallery of Miscellany

I haven't done one of these posts in quite a while, so without further ado, I present this week's Gallery:

1. Hello. My name is Beth, and I'm a fontaholic.

Are you one too? I have - no joke - 1,574 fonts installed on my laptop. While I love them all, I find it a bit overwhelming trying to find the perfect font for a project, especially when I'm forced to scroll through a tiny little menu in MSWord with nearly illegible samples of each one. Not to mention the fact that my version of Photoshop doesn't even SHOW the samples in its menu...

Several years ago I spent hours typing out my own master list - the title in the corresponding font.

Pain. In. The. Neck.

My old list is outdated - I've acquired many more fonts and lost some of the originals in various computer crashes and upgrades - and I have been dreading trying to update it.... So, I was terribly excited to find this handy free download, which allows you to print a sample page of all of your fonts with one click of the button. Fantastic. You can also use the freeware to organize all of your fonts into type categories (handwritten, sans serif, calligraphy, etc.), but I'll save that project for another day.

At any rate, my new list is coming in handy, and I'm really glad I didn't have to type out all 1,574 font names manually...

2. In Which I Was Cheered Up by a Little Birdie From Home.

Since we're away from home for only four months, we found a furnished house to rent. While it was nice not to have to pack much, I do miss feeling like I'm in my own space with my own artwork on the walls.

Therefore, I was delighted to find this (not so) little number on my doorstep the other day! My Mom was kind enough to send me this awesome bird cage inspiration board I've been hunting ever since I passed it up at T.J. Maxx last year...

I'm enjoying its addition to my temporary "studio" space. Next to it is a "star" I created out of one of those old fashioned folding rulers - another item that has been on my wish list. I found it for a great price at the Williamsburg Antique Mall last weekend. Let me tell you, if you like antiquing, this is the place to go... aisles and aisles... Happy day.

3. In Which My Opinions Regarding Garbage Disguised as Miniature Cabbages Were Altered...

First of all, let me tell you that I have purchased, cooked, and consumed (at least half of) three cartons of Brussels sprouts in the last three weeks. While this may not strike you as remarkable enough to feature in this illustrious gallery, I should probably tell you that up until this point in my life at the ripe ol' age of 31, I have, to the best of my knowledge, unwillingly consumed only three individual Brussels sprouts in the course of my life - each of which was followed by poorly-disguised gagging noises and much wrinkling of the nose.

Little balls of garbage, that's what I thought of the wretched things. While I'm not normally that picky of an eater, this was just the one vegetable I couldn't handle. Ironically, I even really WANTED to like them - I mean, hey, they look like cabbages you'd find in a garden tended by mice in a Beatrix Potter book. But no dice, I could never eat one without nearly dispatching it back to the dish from whence it came... until now.

My friend, Carrie (who formerly shared my distaste for the things), recently posted a recipe on her blog that her sister had given her. This recipe changed her opinion of the vegetable, and now, it has changed mine. When Brussels sprouts are prepared like this, I can't get enough of them... Here's the link to the recipe on Carrie's blog if you'd like to try it yourself. I used Craisins rather than apples in mine and loved the sweet little zing it gave the recipe. Here's a picture to give you an idea.... (incidentally, this dish is delicious paired with bratwursts, fried onions, and sauerkraut).

It just goes to show you that, when completely disguised as bacon and fried onions, anything becomes edible.

Thanks, Carrie.

That's all I've got!

Have a lovely weekend...


Quotables: Martin Luther

There is, however, very much to be said for my opinion; in
the first place this--that no violence ought to be done to the
words of God, neither by man, nor by angel, but that, as far as
possible, they ought to be kept to their simplest meaning, and
not to be taken, unless the circumstances manifestly compel us
to do so, out of their grammatical and proper signification,
that we may not give our adversaries any opportunity of evading
the teaching of the whole Scriptures.
The Babylonian Captivity of the Church

    - Martin Luther (1483-1546),