Sorry I haven't done much posting lately...
We've been quite busy.

I do have some exciting news to share with you...
I have several new prints available
on my website now,
including the 6 completed Proverbs 31 Woman prints.
I have 3 more to go,
but you can go ahead and start collecting them now...
2 sizes are available.

I've also joined Twitter,
so you can follow me on there -
you know, if you're into that sort of thing.
There's a link on my sidebar where you can add me.

Still doing the Farmer's Market on occasion,
although I won't be there this Saturday.
I'll be in New York.

To tide you over until next time,
here's the progress I've made
on the little painting I started
at the Farmer's Market
a couple of weeks ago.

This is after the first painting session,
and this is how it is now....
The flower in the middle (unpainted still) is called
a nigella
or "Love in a Mist"
which I think is a pretty name
for such a delicate flower...
Check back soon
to see what it looks like!
Hope you're having
a lovely week.

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