A big thank you...

... to all of you who came out in the rain to Art in the Park!

We had a good day at the show,
in spite of the less-than perfect weather.

(Here I am drying things off
that got a little damp during set-up
...when it rained the most, of course!)

My parents got there in time
to help us do all the last-minute set up details...
thanks, Mom and Dad!

(and thanks for the towels!)

Sold lots of prints to some lovely people,
and I hope you enjoy them!
And best of all, got to see some good friends,
who were kind enough to stick around
and help us tear everything down ... but whose picture
I did NOT get,
thanks to our being in a bit of a rush
to get some hot food at Johnny Carino's after a long, cold day!
Thanks, guys!


  1. Looking forward to the pics!


  2. Hey, it looks great! So sorry we couldn't make it. Glad you sold some prints - think you'll do the show again next year? Maybe we can make it then. Blessings!

  3. Thanks, Carrie. Sorry you couldn't make it too, especially considering the sad circumstances. I do hope to do the show again next year.


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