Moravian Stars

Once a month or so, I teach art lessons to some of my nephews and one other little girl from our church, who are home schooled.

This month, we made Moravian stars out of strips of paper, then added glitter and a ribbon to create ornaments. I thought I would share the instructions with you. You will need four strips of paper measuring 1/2" x 17" for each star.

Thread a needle with a narrow ribbon or string of your choice, and poke through one of the star's points to form a hanger.
To add the glitter, simply spray the finished stars with spray-on adhesive, and dust with glitter. Allow to dry, then add it to your tree!

Wise men still seek Him...
Hope you're having a lovely Christmastime...


  1. Good for the kids!! They are pretty and special!

  2. What a great post--A craft and beautiful photos of more beautiful faces to boot!! Now I want to make these!
    Love you, Linda


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