In which I made a Buttercup Bag...

Several months ago I found this gorgeous fabric at Hobby Lobby. I'd been wanting to try making a summery purse, so a few weeks ago I made this purse from the "Buttercup Bag" pattern I found on this blog. (Please note: this pattern is free to use, but she asks that you purchase the pattern/license if you plan on selling any of these bags.) The original pattern looked pretty small, so I enlarged it a bit. It's still on the small side (if you're like me and tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag), but it works well. I modified it a bit on the inside too, and added little rows of pockets on both sides:

The flower pin was very simple to make - I looked at several tutorials online, then did my own variation of several techniques. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the process on any of this, but I plan on making another one for my Mom soon, and I will try to remember to take photos! I'm also working on a pattern myself for another purse, and I'm so excited about the fabric I have for it.

I really enjoyed this project... depending on how the next two purses go, I may consider adding some bags to my Etsy shop. What do you think?

Hope you're having a lovely week....

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  1. You *absolutely* need to add these to your Etsy shop! You did an amazing job on it and I love all the changes/additions!

  2. Beth,
    Me, to John: "Beth wants to know if people would buy this bag if she began making some."

    John: "I think people would buy anything that Beth makes!"

    Love the bag! Make more! 'Nuf said!

  3. I would so buy one...and just the flower to wear as a pin to dress up my work clothes!

  4. Beth,

    That's lovely! I also like the additions that you have made. I think they would go very well on Etsy.

    Happy belated!

  5. Love the shape and that fabric.

  6. Beth, I TOTALLY love the bag! ESPECIALLY with the added pockets inside (it's great for carrying Gospel tracts)! Please do make more!!! I would SO purchase one from you. :)


  7. Thank you all for your kind comments! I've got a load of fabric that I plan to use for some purses for my shop - stay tuned!

    Great idea, Anita, on using some of the pockets for tracts!


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