Monkeying Around...

A few weeks ago I became an aunt again for the 20th time. (No, that's not a typo!) :o) Since I like to give homemade gifts as much as possible, I took a few hours to whip up a little something for my new nephew....

I had seen this pattern for a crocheted sock monkey hat on Ravelry a while back and had been wanting to make one. It was a fairly easy pattern and a fun little project. Here's how mine turned out....

The pattern on Ravelry actually suggested buttons for the eyes, but since it's for a baby and I didn't want to risk the choking hazard, I decided to do the crochet eyes instead.

Max in his new hat!

It was a fun project, and I love the pattern.... sock monkeys are classic. If you're interested in the pattern, you can find it available as a PDF download on Ravelry for $3.99. And be sure to look me up if you're on Ravelry - my user name is "artknitwit." :o)

I hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. THAT IS SO CUTE!!! If I knew how to crochet I'd make one for my nephew on the way. =)

  2. Thanks, Kaysi! It was easy to make - if you can learn one or two stitches, you can do it! :o)

  3. Totally cute hat, and even cuter baby!!

  4. that is so cute! brought a smile to my face, he is so adorable in the hat...and congrats on becoming aunty for the 20th time...


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