Cigar Pochade Boxes

...finally finished!
I found three cigar boxes at an antique store...
The large one didn't have any logos or labels,
so I jazzed it up with some nifty travel labels I had.
I added new hinges a rectangular dowel to the back
to support it when propped open.

Then inside, I outfitted each of them to hold a painting kit!

This one is set up for watercolors.
The dowels inside hold up an acrylic palette,
The ribbons on the back hold a plate-holder
that holds a canvas or board in place.

This one is outfitted for oils.
The white box is a pill organizer
that will soon hold several paint colors.
Shelf brackets slide in between dowels on the side
to hold brushes.
Maple syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel
hold turpenoid and medium.
The third one is a gift... :)

The bottom is fitted with a nut
that fits a universal tripod mount
for plein air painting.
Acrylic stick-on feet protect table tops.

Can't wait for my next market day!

Hope you're having
a happy weekend!


  1. Beth, You are waaaaaay TOO talented!! My favourite is the plein air box. Most excellent idea to connect with a tripod! How clever is that???!

    Do you have an acrylics one planned? So far, that's the extent of my painting prowess--what there is of it :-)

    Love you so, Linda

  2. Hi Mrs. Owen,
    I set up boxes for oils and watercolors. I think I probably wouldn't use an acrylics box very much, since they dry out so quickly and since I normally paint with acrylics on wood panels, which are a little cumbersome to haul around... So I gave the third to my Mom and she's planning to use it for oils!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi...follow up comment :-) I picked up 6 cigar boxes last month at cute shop in Annapolis, and wanted more but I didn't have enough arms! The boxes were free, but owners suggested a $2/box donation for the Peace Corps so I obliged. Now I'm waiting for some inspiration or, better yet, a Beth Stone DNA transplant, so I can figure out what to do with them!! :-)

    Love you, Linda

  4. Oh wow, you scored with that price for cigar boxes! I think I got these on sale for $6 each... $2 apiece is fantastic!

    I'm sure you'll find all kinds of clever uses for them! They're great for storing little art and craft supplies...

  5. How well do the plate holders hold canvas panels, sturdy? I'm curious because I'm trying to find out how to make a pochade box for my oil paint. And the plate holder/ribbon idea is adorable!

    1. They work fairly well, as long as you always use the same size canvas. Once the plate holders get stretched beyond the size you need, they're not too elastic... (if that makes sense). To be honest, I use my watercolor pochade box more than my oil box, so I don't use the plate holders that much - I just tape my paper to the acrylic piece I cut to fit in the plate holder, and use it on my lap or a table, flat (which works better for me with watercolors). Good luck with your pochade box! I'd love to see photos when you're done!


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