The Farmer's Market

Here I am at my table,
My first show
at the Greeneville Farmer's Market...

My display print and business cards...
Look at the perfect little wire cup I found
to hold them!

I had three sizes of prints available:
8"x10"s, 5"x7"s, and framable greeting cards...
And I came home with fewer than I went with -- yay!

A good friend from my church
talked me into going in the first place.
Here are our tables together...
Thanks, Barbara!

Barbara bought a cabbage from one of the famers
and did a little painting of it at the market;
here I am, pretending to give her some pointers...
...but as you can see, she doesn't need any!

...good times...
...that's Barbara's excellent oil painting
of a lemon on an antique tablecloth.
So talented!
...one farmer was selling green eggs, but no ham...
...and this is next on my project list...
Barbara had the cutest little pochade box
she had made from an old cigar box.
A pill box holds paints,
tiny bottles hold medium and turpenoid,
shelf brackets slide in and out for brush holders,
a special little nut installed in the bottom attaches it to a camera tripod,
the lid props up to hold a canvas,
and a tiny little acrylic palette holds your paint!
Everything you need for painting,
conveniently stored in a tiny little box!
I think I'll make two...
One for watercolors and one for oils...
So I guess I'll be hitting the antique stores this week, and Lowe's!
You can find instructions
for making something similar here.
Hope you had a happy weekend as well!

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