I have a confession to make...

.... I may have taken a little break from painting over the weekend...
Josh gave me an early birthday gift...an ipod. Yay!
And since I've been using it so much while working,
and since it kept falling out of my pocket,
I had to take a little break from my brushes
to pick up my needles and make a case for it!
This is the design I came up with...
I love "Irish fishermen sweaters," so that was my inspiration.
I made it up myself, which is exciting for me
because I have never improvised a knitting pattern before
except for easy things like scarves and such.
The body and necklace are knitted,
and I used a little crochet for the edging and loops.
The flap opens up to reveal the screen and control buttons,
and it has a little button and loop to secure the ear buds
when not in use.
There's also a button and loop
to close the flap to keep it safe.
I think I'll be getting lots more painting done now
and listening to some great podcasts, books on tape, and music!
...stay tuned...

(If you look closely in the above picture, you'll see the inspiration for my watercolor, "Abandoned Nest.")


  1. Beth, that's a terrific idea! Do you wear it around your neck, so that it easy to get to and the cord is not so in the way?


  2. Thanks, Faith! Yes, it does go around the neck.. that way, the cord doesn't catch on drawer pulls and such, it stays out of the way of my hands & arms, and it doesn't fall out of any pockets if I lean over or something like that... It's working out really well! Thanks for visiting...

  3. I'm all ETSY-minded these days. Is anyone selling these? You might think about making some to sell. :)


  4. I haven't checked on Etsy... I know I've seen quite a few on Ravelry.com (a knitting/crocheting site). I'd say you probably could sell them, but I don't know if people would be willing to pay for the time you invest in them... you'd have to make them pretty expensive to be worth your while -- at least if you're as slow knitting as I am!
    Might be a good idea to make some up out of felt or wool or something like that that would go quicker... You should try it for your Etsy! Good luck!

  5. Love it! I have one of the silicone Ipod holders and keep it strapped to my arm, but I like what you've done with that. I've not come up with my own design for anything yet. I look at patterns and sit there baffled at how it all turns out. It doesn't make any sense to me. Kind of like Algebra. I could do it well, I just had no clue what I was doing!

  6. Thanks, Leah! It was easier to figure out than I thought it would be... :o)

  7. I admit to laughing at your seemingly obvious to you thought to make this "case" for your iPod. Very amusing. But I think my friends would look askance at a guy wearing that. :)
    I do need a Blackberry cover.... say in grey? LOL!

  8. Well, Patrick, I do take orders! Thanks for stopping by...


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