Tips for Tuesday

Well, nothing earth-shattering for you today....
I've been working in my studio most of the day, and unfortunately, I can't even show you the progress I made.... here's a little glimpse though, but you'll just have to wait to see the finished piece! (It's a gift that someone has commissioned, and I can't give away the secret!)

I can, however, show you the progress my little niece made on her piece....

:o) Her subject is my dog, Harvey...  I quickly sketched him out for her, and she's "painting" it in with these fabulous Crayola paint brush pens, which I highly recommend if you've got kids... You get the "brush" like quality that lets them feel like they're painting, but they don't drip, require no water or washing out, and the paint is contained right in the handle... So no mess! The caps pop on and off, so they're as simple as markers... And washable - you can't beat that. So there's my tip for the day - try these out for your kids (or nephews and nieces!) - we've had a pretty productive (and clean!) day in the studio.... :o)

Here's a link where you can purchase the paint brush pens...


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  1. The boys had some paint brush pens, and I love the concept. Unfortunately, theirs required a lot of squeezing to get the paint out and didn't really spread the paint well. I bought some of the Crayola ones today and can't wait to try them out!


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