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Howdy folks.

I do apologize for being MIA lately. I've been working at my "day job" quite a bit, so sadly, time for artistic pursuits has fallen by the wayside. That will be changing fairly soon though - we've got some big transitions happening in our life, so stay tuned for updates....

The other night, however, I decided I needed to do at least a little something creative, so I decided to attempt some art-inspired jewelry... These are the results:

Be Thou My Vision Pendant
See & shop for the full-sized print HERE.

It Is Well With My Soul Pendant
See & shop for the full-sized print HERE.

The King of Love My Shepherd Is Pendant
See and shop for the full-sized print HERE.

This Is My Father's World Pendant
See and shop for the full-sized print HERE.

Harvey Pendant
See and shop for the full-sized print HERE.

Copper Bird's Nest Pendant

Silver Bird's Nest Pendant

(Note to self: when photographing small objects, do not photograph them on the edge of the sandbox, unless you want sand all over your product....whoops! Live and learn...)

At any rate, these were experimental pieces - just using what I had on hand.I'm thinking about adding some art jewelry to my Etsy shop - what do you think? I'd love to know if you all would be interested in this type of thing... I think with the "painting" pieces, I'd like them to be a bit bigger, and maybe mounted on small wooden tiles instead of in the frames. And I like the larger gauge wire for the nests - hoping to find an "antiqued" copper wire that will look more like a brown nest - with some pale blue eggs in it! Heading up to the craft store tomorrow to pick up some supplies, so stay tuned!

I hope you are having a lovely day....



  1. These might possibly be some of my favorite things you have done. Seriously. It's kind of hard to tell how big they are from the pictures, but I'm the kind of person who doesn't really like wearing large jewelry - so the sizes look good to me. I certainly think you should add them to your Etsy store!! My favorite is the "Be Thou My Vision" with the red beads. Nicely done! Looking forward to hearing about all the upcoming changes...we are praying! :-)

  2. I really like them. Lots of people love art, and the idea of being able to wear it as jewelry I believe would appeal to them. I like them very much!


  3. I think the jewelry is a great idea, and your first efforts are wonderful! Look forward to hearing your news!


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