I couldn't ask....

...for a more perfect day for an art show than today! Thank you to those of you who came by and said hello (and maybe bought a little something)!

{Here's a little peek into my tent!}

If you missed today, don't fret - I'll be back again tomorrow.
If you'd like to come by, shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you the details.

(Oh, and if you're looking for my Etsy shop, I have it closed just for the weekend while I'm at the show - it will be back up either Monday or Tuesday of next week... so please come back!)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. oooh I found it! Yay! Love all your beautiful art and buttons and love love your tent studio at the art show! Great to meet you!

  2. your art tent...looks lovely, wish i could stop by for a chat...


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