In my own little world(s) today...

As you may know,
my birthday was this past Wednesday....

One of the gifts I received was a set of little ceramic houses from England -
a gift from my parents...

Mom and I found them in a little local antique store,
and the lady gave us a great deal on the whole set.

I'd been wanting to make a little miniature garden/landscape ever since finding some on Pinterest,
so Josh took me to a local nursery to pick out some tiny plants...

I found baby's breath, several different herbs (such as rosemary, creeping thyme, wooly thyme, etc.), and a few different little groundcover type things to use for my "tiny trees, shrubs, and grass."

I also did a little exploring in the woods and found some tiny saplings (I think it's privett?) to be little trees,
and some moss to fill in the "grassy" areas...

My brother, who used to be into bonsai, loaned me some of his old bonsai pots...

So yesterday I spent a delightful morning figuring out how to arrange everything, digging up plants,
potting everything up, creating tiny pathways with aquarium gravel, and generally getting my fingernails very, very dirty....

Boy howdy, it was fun.

And I couldn't resist sharing my little landscapes here with you today....
I figured I'd better photograph them right away,
because there's always the very real possibility that I might kill everything.

 But I'm really hoping they make it....
I think they're so terribly cute.

Not a bad birthday, huh?
I'm liking 31 so far....

Have a lovely weekend....wherever your path may lead...


  1. i love them!!They are delightful..the detail in your composition of plants and heights..fits perfectly with the houses..i hope everything grows well..i am not to good with indoor plants either..;)

  2. My mind felt soothed just looking at the pics; I can't imagine how they must make you feel to have them in your midst! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!! Clever girl. How lovely each garden is. Such a delight for the eyes. Thank you for sharing. Thirty-one, eh? Still a baby. Not tellin' how old I am :)

  4. Your miniature gardens are charming, Beth. And I love the ceramic houses from England. Perfect for you projects!


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