What a knitwit...

Well, amidst all of the show-prep chaos going on over here, I was able to finish up the hat I was knitting for my brother's birthday present over the weekend. Here it is:

And, modeled by yours truly:

Forgive the slight blurriness and the fact that my neck looks like a piece of beef jerkey in this photo. I blame the unnatural position required by taking a picture of the back of one's head with an iphone camera that requires two hands to operate.

This hat is obviously meant for a guy, so I don't particularly like the way it looks on moi... But I love the cables, and I think it will be great for my brother....

I got the pattern for free off of Ravelry, quite possibly the coolest knitting/crochet site. EVER. If you aren't on Ravelry, you should be. If you sign up, look me up! My username is "artknitwit."

In other news, yesterday I spent the day helping two of my nephews design and paint signs for their new businesses. They called me up on Sunday and asked for my help, and since I'm all about encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit, I signed on.... (pun definitely intended). Here's how they turned out....

They came up with the wording and basic elements they wanted on the signs, then I worked out the details and did a little design work in Photoshop... We used my art projector to transfer the designs to their plywood, and then painted them in with black latex paint. We were all pretty happy with how they turned out....

Incidentally, if you're local and want your car detailed or your headlights polished to a squeaky shine, let me know. I know two lads who'd be happy to do it for you... :o)

I hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. the signs are really cool. Even if the hat is for a guy, it still looks pretty on you! I'm considering getting back into crocheting. I've found some lovely patterns to try.

  2. the hat truly looks impressive, and i hope the signs...bring in some..good business

  3. Great hat, Beth! And fun signs, too :)

  4. Beef jerky?!? Hahahaha!! Really, friend, you are too funny!! And oh-so-talented!! =)


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